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  • Develop Letter of Understanding

  • Develop Design Contract and Comparative Remodeling Analysis



  • Survey / Variance / Engineering

  • Site Measure

  • Develop Plan of Existing Conditions

  • Conceptual Drafts

  • Product Selections

  • Draft Design Document



  • Subcontractor Walkthrough

  • Update Plans & Specifications

  • Develop Contract



  • Preconstruction Walkthrough

  • Update Plans (if needed)

  • Construction

  • Final Walkthrough

The Process

We'll be your partner throughout the renovation process, and it won't just be a business relationship - we want to become part of your lifestyle

Bender Homes makes home renovation easy in Carmel, Westfield and surrounding areas. Transforming dull, outdated spaces into beautiful havens that become the favorite place for families to relax.

Working with us is like taking a journey. But an easier journey. You can expect several steps along the way to create an end product that exceeds all expectations. Our process guarantees that every Home remodeling project is tailored to your needs, so you’ll never feel lost with Hamilton County’s Trusted Home Remodeler.

Explore (2 – 3 Weeks)

A home renovation can be a thrilling experience, yet it’s often accompanied by feelings of anxiety – the result of juggling an abundance of decisions and details. But with careful preparation and planning, you can make your remodel significantly less overwhelming. We go the extra mile to make sure any uncertainties are cleared up and that you have all of your queries answered with clarity.

Make your home the site of an important discussion with our sales team about a new project you have in mind. Gather around and start brainstorming ideas to make it successful.

Take a look at what makes us unique! Review our website and online reviews to see why we are the perfect choice for your project, plus get an idea of our competitive pricing guide.

Your approval gives our sales team the green light to kickstart your exciting home renovation project.

We understand the importance of financing for our clients and are eager to provide them with the best options. If you’re looking for reliable banking solutions, look no further – we have partnered with some of the top banks to bring peace-of-mind financial security directly to your doorstep. Contact us today and start building a strong foundation for economic success.

Design (8 – 12 Weeks)

After signing the design agreement, our team will visit you in your home to discuss how best to transform it into something remarkable. With precise measurements and photographs taken on-site, we’ll begin turning your unique vision for a renovated space into reality.

With a combination of sketches, elevations and 3D renderings, you can get an in-depth look at your design from all sides. Explore the possibilities to review how your ideas come alive.

Refine (3-5 Weeks)

Bender Homes works hard to ensure this project’s intricate pieces come together. They are conducting meticulous reviews, consulting with expert tradespeople and ensuring that every document passes muster so we can steam ahead with construction.

Our team of designers will help you select your dream materials and finishes – from cabinets to tile, flooring to paint. You can visualize how everything looks together, so your space is perfectly tailored.

After negotiation, we review the offer with you. We are thrilled to present an all-inclusive bid.

After seeing a perfect initial product, we confidently move to the build phase. Our commitment to excellence has given us an impressively low rate of change orders and customer satisfaction.

Build (10 – 28 Weeks)

With the signing of your build contract and payment made, you’ll be meeting our Construction Manager and Superintendent to start your project. Offering an insight into what’s coming ahead, it’s time for a meaningful conversation about when all these new building plans will be set in motion.

Warranty Phase

After months of detailed work, your ideal home transformation is finally finished. With our team’s expert craftsmanship and quality carpentry, you can rest easy knowing everything was done precisely. Plus, enjoy one year of peace of mind due to the protection guaranteed in our warranty.